Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Some Temporary FAQs

We are in a bit of a transition phase right now until we can get fully operational in our new studio kitchen, so, for now we have a few changes:

- NO SMALL ORDERS. We absolutely LOVE to create birthday cakes and treats for small events - these are often times the most whimsical and fun! But it is just not cost effective for us at this time to process smaller orders. We are not a bakery and have a small staff, so everything is made to order. Even small cakes and one dozen treats often times take several hours of work. So, sadly, we are having to close that part of our business until we are established in our new space, with more space, more time, more staff. As soon as we are able to take on smaller orders, we will let you know! We so appreciate your interest and please check back.

- ORDER MINIMUM. Presently, our order minimum is $1,000.

- TASTINGS. Because we are a small, busy business, we are usually setting up weddings and events on Fridays and Saturdays, so all hands are on deck and we are not able to offer weekend tastings. To compensate, we do offer afternoon and evening tastings on most Tuesdays and Wednesdays. All tastings must be made by appointment. We offer tastings in Dallas and in Fort Worth, so please let us know which location is most convenient for you upon scheduling. Our tasting calendar books up quickly, but we try to squeeze all of our interested clients in within two to three weeks of inquiry.

- GROOM'S CAKES. We totally appreciate the talent that goes into making fondant themed-groom's cakes, you know, the ones that look like golf clubs and ice chests, mascots and hobbies. However, our aesthetic and approach is more simple, so this is not something we make. If you love our cakes and your fiancé has his heart set on a themed cake (totally get it!), you are welcome to order from us and his cake elsewhere, but please remember that all orders must meet our minimum.

- DELIVERY + PICKUP. Delivery and setup are priced out based upon mileage. We almost always deliver and setup for our wedding clients, as large cakes require careful transport. For some orders, clients prefer to pickup and that is an option. However, everything must be picked up in Fort Worth where we bake.