Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bows and Arrows Styling Sessions

This Fall, Bows and Arrows hosted some Styling Sessions at their shop for interested creatives to come and learn more about styling with flowers. We put together a few sweets for the group to style within several different design stories, and are excited to share some of the beautiful images here. Don't miss the fun behind-the-scenes video of the team at work by the talented Amanda Marie Lackey!

Inspired by painter's palettes, we applied buttercream in colorful abstract. Styled with flowers by Bows and Arrows.

We painted these macarons with crystal/geode vibes in mind. They're a little rough, but would love to see these incorporated into a modern tablescape!

All photos above by Perez Weddings.

All photos above styled by Bows and Arrows, with their amazing flowers, and shot by Heather Hawkins Photography.

This video by Amanda Marie will make you want to make something, or put a flower on it at the very least!