Sunday, December 8, 2013

Kate Spade Opening Party

KSNY opened up a new shop in Dallas at Knox Street back in September and to say it is a dream of a place would be 100% absolutely positively true: taxis illustrate windows, color, color EVERYwhere, glittery bangles up and down arms, and bows on everything. It really is one of those places that you fall into, whirled away into a world where color is an experience. We want to wake up in that world every day. Instead we wake up in the wee hours when it's very dark and most everyone we know is cuddled up in bed. But hey, we can dream...and now swing by and shop from time to time!

 We were honored, elated, ecstatic to create treats for the Dallas shop's opening party, hosted by A Piece of Toast. We knew we could get a little (ha!) crazy with color on this one and pulled out the stops on eccentricity. Amanda Marie shared some of her lovely photos from the event with us (see below and check her recap for more peeks at the gorgeous shop!)  I think it is clear that KSNY knows how to party.

It was so fun seeing all the Instagram love from this event too! Thanks to everybody who grammed our treats!