Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Happy Mamas! Giveaway Winners

We hope you showered all the special women in your life with love this Mother's Day. We had so much fun with our Treat Yo Mama Giveaway - thank you to everyone who submitted! It was such an honor to read your stories. We wanted to wrap it up with a little shout out to our the three winners and their beautiful mamas. Stay tuned for our Father's Day Giveaway in June...

Winner #1: Linda

Winner #2: Victoria

From Victoria: "The thing about my mama that I love the most is that she is the woman who I aspire to be in life. Because of her, I know to always do things with love - Show love to the Lord, spread love onto others, and always love yourself."

Winner #3: Mallory

From Mallory: "The thing I love most about her is her thoughtfulness. She is always going above and beyond to do little things to treat my sister and I!"