Friday, June 6, 2014

Donut Jubilee

It is NATIONAL DONUT DAY, hooray! This is a special day in American history that has been celebrated by generation upon generation. It all started with the famous Liberty Donut that our Founding Fathers each took a bite of upon signing the Declaration. I believe it was Coca-Cola flavored, and covered in red, white and blue sprinkles. But enough history, you are undoubtedly well versed in it from your annual pilgrimage to the Donut Museum on the National Mall. Amiright? Um, anyway, it's a very exciting time of year and the only real way to celebrate is to throw a bunch of unsolicited donut images from the Cakewalk Catalog at you!!!! And hope that you are chomping down on a bright and scrumptious, besprinkled national treasure at this very moment.

Photo by Apryl Ann

Photo by Amanda Marie

Photo by Apryl Ann for 100 Layer Cake - learn how to make these apple cider donuts with our DIY on the 100LC blog here

Photo by Apryl Ann

mixed berry donuts

chocolate with sea salt and pretzel crumb

matcha green tea and pistachio

donut jambalaya!