Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Ladies' Brunch with Shop Ruche

Photographer and stylist Amanda Marie put together an adorable shoot for Shop Ruche. The concept was a sweet and playful ladies' brunch. Kinda think she nailed it, with killer style as per usual. I don't know about you but um any of these outfits will work for my next brunch date...

Ok she wins for matching her hair with her dress.

Our buttercream cake is topped with a custom sugar flower. 

Ombre is a cake's best friend.

Oh, and now her donuts match her sweater. She is on it!

I think this is my favorite look. The one on the left. Those textures and colors are just ethereal fashion heaven. Tulle and Lace? check. check.

Too. Cute. This could be you and your BFF. Just call us and we will make it happen.