Saturday, August 18, 2012


I'm not sure if you are aware that we are in the midst of an epic macaroon vs macaron fiasco? It's been going on for quite some time now, and the image below (from urban petite) illustrates the complexities of the issue perfectly. 

Which one are you: Soft and sweet with your head in the clouds? 
Or delicately composed and layered with a French accent?



POP! DIY Behind the Scenes

Bows + Arrows asked me to do a Popsicle DIY for their Hello, Love blog. Of course I said Yeah! What could be more fun in the summer than making pops with sweet ladies? The lovely Apryl of Apryl Ann Photography documented the process. Here's some fun shots of the icy madness behind the scenes. Stay tuned for the tutorial post!

The plotting + planning!
 All lined up and ready to Pop!

Edible Flowers make pops so pretty!

Process goofing

 Alicia enjoys a refreshing minty tea pop!

Share the Love with a SWEET BENTO!

Looking for something to give a colleague, friends, collaborators, teachers, etc. to say thank you for being you at just the right moment? Want something that is just the right amount of sweet and cute and not at all typical? Try one of our customizable SWEET BENTO BOXES! We will work within your budget and style to select an assortment of items that fit you and your special thanks, and will even collaborate to develop extra cute packaging. Call or email us to get your bento on today!

Here's a little sneak peek of a Retro-themed Bento we are working on for Bows + Arrows:

Contents: (1) Raspberry Twinkie, (1) Pink Snoball, (3) Mixed Macarons (pistachio, sesame, and raspberry pictured)

/// Wouldn't these also make the most amazing wedding favors or special treats for the wedding party?


Friday, August 10, 2012

A 90th Fiesta!

This weekend we were so happy to provide a very special birthday fiesta feast for a teeny tiny West Texas woman celebrating her 90th year! The colorful desserts were inspired by the setting: an adorably funky Mexico-inspired home that is wall to wall fun. If walls could talk, this place would seriously be a raucous Spanish party any day of the week. For our fiesta tables, we pulled objects from the home and incorporated them into serving pieces, proving that you don't always have to keep your party tables super theme-y or over the settings where the location wows on its own, sometimes it is better to keep your spreads minimal and enhanced by a celebration of color rather than pageantry.

Crazy long hot pink candles are a new must for birthdays. So fun!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Strawberry Fields

Take a new (found) collection of vintage toppers, a growing collection of plastic deer, strawberry cake and coconut macaroons, and you have a Strawberry Fields inspired display! It only seemed right.

This cake oozes with the bright taste of fresh strawberries, and isn't overly sweet like most artifically flavored strawberry cakes you will find. Can you believe how bright pink this frosting is without the use of any artificial colors or flavors! Natural berry beauty.

These toasted coconut macaroons are super light and fluffy, like little tropical clouds. They can be dipped in chocolate for a richer experience.
Just a deer with a gold chain. What.